Brian A.'s picture

It would have been bad enough

It would have been bad enough to have some dopey bloggers raising a fuss about this. But here we have state legislators leading the charge.


Andy Axel's picture

Who's lived such a sheltered

Who's lived such a sheltered existence that the presence of a low entry slop sink drives them into a lather about creeping Sharia?

Treehouse's picture

Five times a day

I've always wondered which of our Christian legislators pray five times a day? I think they should.

R. Neal's picture

Great. Story going national.

Great. Story going national. Next stop: Colbert Report.

Average Guy's picture

GOP retirement plan

The AP reporter, Humprhey and others are all going to be parking their yachts in the Maldives before this session ends.

The Hollywood paparazzi needs to catch on.

The Hollywood idiots have nothing on our Nashville idiots.

cwg's picture


AP and print reporters do not get page-view bonuses. We'll all be just as broke as we were when the session ends, alas.

Average Guy's picture


Does the paper get compensated if a story gets picked up nationally?

cwg's picture

Well, AP reporters write

Well, AP reporters write their stories for the national wire service. And if one of Tom's stories gets picked up by Gawker or the Huffington Post or whatever, it brings more eyeballs to the KNS, which increases pageviews, which the KNS can (***ostensibly***) use to charge higher ad rates (highly unlikely in reality), but no actual money changes hands. And NONE of it goes to the reporters. So, in short, nope.

reform4's picture

I'm shocked....

... shocked to find that our wingnut legislators are even AWARE enough of other cultures to be aware if Muslim bathroom rituals. (which, having become aware of them in my travels to KSA, even I find a little strange..)

R. Neal's picture

They read about it on

They read about it on Infowars.

Andy Axel's picture

I've been to Egypt (a Sunni

I've been to Egypt (a Sunni country), and there was no foot-washing sink in any public facility that I ever saw (up to and including the Mohamed Ali Mosque / Citadel of Saladin). Bidets, yes. Mop sinks, no.

Min's picture

The "Onion" editor called.

He wants his copy back.

F-Stop's picture

Probably a good time to link

Probably a good time to link to this story:


(Actually from the Onion originally, but the printed version no longer exists on their website.)

Greg H's picture

Sometimes I just want to cry

How on earth can TN elected officials with apparently sufficient brain power for breathing, heartbeat and standard bodily functions be SO INCREDIBLY F*#KING STUPID !?!?!?!?

Oh, the humanity!

Rachel's picture

Hey, would a foot-washing

Hey, would a foot-washing sink be a good place to hide an electromagnetic pulse bomb?

R. Neal's picture

As predicted: (link...)

As predicted: (link...)

Min's picture

In all fairness...

...Colbert should start giving the Tennessee General Assembly a creative consultant credit on his show. 'Cause this stuff just writes itself.

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

We might as well generate income from this

I made the comment elsewhere that Tennessee could balance its state budget simply by demanding royalties from Comedy Central anytime we are featured on The Daily Show and/or The Colbert Report.

If we gave everyone in the state legislature a digital video camera, we could likely end up with a lifetime worth of royalties from Tosh.0 and other shows such as Tru TV's "World's Dumbest Legislators."

Up Goose Creek's picture

Electrocution vs Sharia law

I Just stumbled across the photo in Shane's blog. Great headline BTW.


It isn't hard to envision a passing legislator jarring the mop handle and sending a stream of water right into that huge electrical panel. Bzzzt!

These are the people who spend their days protecting our safety & welfare, er I mean padding the pockets of their corporate contributers in the name of safety and welfare. What's wrong with this picture?

tall guy's picture

They've never done physical work to know what it is

A lot of folks who work for a living have seen these floor sinks and know what they are. Of course those folks are working still losing some of their check to support lawmakers who don't know what work means, and mostly make a mess rather than clean up

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