Feb 14 2013
07:34 am

SB1268 by Niceley increases maximum height in definition of "wild-appearing swine" from three feet to three feet and one inch for purposes of identifying those wild-appearing swine for which it is a Class A misdemeanor for any person to transport or release into the wild without documentation approved by the department of agriculture.

I'm sure there's a story here somewhere.

Min's picture

Sooey, pig!

I don't understand the purpose of this bill.

Bbeanster's picture

Looks like the swine are an

Looks like the swine are an inch taller than they used to be.

Maybe he saw Beasts of the Southern Wild. Those were some BIG wild appearing swinesque creatures.

R. Neal's picture

I'll bet a dollar that the

I'll bet a dollar that the story behind this legislation involves a pickup truck, a good ol' boy friend of Niceley's, a TWRA official, and a wild appearing swine that was exactly three feet tall.

Bbeanster's picture

Uh-oh. Three feet tall. You

Uh-oh. Three feet tall. You don't reckon it was a wild appearing sow? You know how they act.

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