Sep 8 2017
04:37 pm

Amazon HQ2 "will be Amazon's second headquarters in North America. We expect to invest over $5 billion in construction and grow this second headquarters to include as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs – it will be a full equal to our current campus in Seattle."

According to various news reports, Memphis and Nashville are submitting proposals.

Pigs flying would be a safer bet. Why would a company like Amazon be interested in a state that doesn't value education, resists diversity, promotes racist and homophobic attitudes, doesn't support its struggling health care system, has no visible broadband strategy, crumbling infrastructure, and no public transportation to speak of, not to mention a regressive tax system and a bunch of reprobate goobers running state government?

I could be wrong, though. Maybe we'll offer them $10 billion in incentives.

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Tennessee will make a run, but won't win

I'd suggest betting on Atlanta, perhaps their downtown Gulch, perhaps Midtown, in proximity to Georgia Tech, perhaps a sprawling suburban campus in Sandy Springs.

Northern Virginia is also a possibility, on the outskirts of D.C., perhaps along the Silver Line extension of the Metro within easy access to Dulles.

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Nashville will get it. You don't don't understand.

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Metro is already leveraging itself up to its eyeballs

Nashville needs something other than tourism to sustain its current bluebird of an economic boom.

But they don't have $10bn to throw at this (figuring a high of $200K per job).

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Wow, head meet nail

Randy, that was a horrible and realistic analysis of our state. I'm so sorry it is accurate. But surely better days are coming. This can't continue. Vote 'em out!

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You are being horribly unfair

You are being horribly unfair to reprobate goobers by lumping them in with the Jurassic holdovers that pass laws in this state.

OTOH, a big new sprawling campus that employed 50k people would really help reverse the under utilized nature of Nashberg's roads.

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You know.....

We have a nice underutilized south Knoxville riverfront development and east Knox Iindustrial Island that would fit nicely into their corporate image. We can't match the tax breaks, but how many other locales can offer a wilderness playground as a pre-built employee perk backing up to company headquarters? Just saying.

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Knoxville and East Tennessee Need to Pitch Amazon!

Knoxville needs to make a pitch and promise to mend their ways and become friendlier to business and big government. One only needs to look Texas and Houston and their anti-government stance and now they are desperate for help from outside that state.

When I can back from living in Raleigh-Durham I was shell-shocked. There is an educational issue in the aggregate. Like me, a lot of UT graduates have left because of poor prospects. I would like our politicians to put aside their radical Conservatism and look to the future of all those people they represent. Knoxville has plenty of space, has always been a Logistics hub (thus UT's great Transportation and Logistics program: I have a MBA in Logistics). We have great energy rates. We are close to Amazon's main Distribution Hub in Lexington, Kentucky. We have low taxes unless you buy, drive, drink or smoke.

I would like to see the County and City mayors along with outgoing Congressman Jimmy Duncan, Jr and our Senators to reach for the brass ring. Instead of tax credits, promise upgrading the workforce, and infrastructure and keeping living standards down.

These Amazon jobs are high end $100,000 jobs in accounting, management and engineering. These are the plum jobs. To look the other way relegates Knoxville into being a backwater as it was in the past with the mountains and the Tennessee River with its impassible shoals. I'm from the Muscle Shoals area where boats couldn't cross and freight had to be transferred boat to boat. Then we got TVA, but how about growing out of our dependence on TVA and "old money" in Knoxville.

We have a great potential to become an artist community. We have the great Smoky Mountains. We are hours from major cities. Our climate is more temperate being on this plateau.

What I'm asking for will cause the demise of the old Kmoxville, but instead of going backward how about forwards. With the DoE, and Oak Ridge we should already rival Research Triangle Park.

I'd rather pay more in taxes if it maximizes my enjoyment, my income, and my opportunities.

Those with real estate will make a killing. Why are you all, I'm calling on all my Sigma Chi brothers that do real estate. I'm calling you Scott Davis and Scott Smith and his brother who never knew my name so I've forgotten his.... That whole fraternity was Knoxville Real Estate.

I call on Bill Haslem and Tim Burchett, both Sigma Chi's to PUSH Knoxville. Tim, focus on getting a proposal out and put that campaign on hold. We've had our differences but do you want to help the average man and woman that eats at Wright's Cafeteria.

If this area doesn't get out of its present "caveman ignoramous attitude" we will forever keep Knoxville on its downward spiral. All you have to do is look at Morganton, and Lexington North Carolina once the furniture capital of the World. It's like a 3rd world country there now, and I have relatives there. I've seen them plummet. The world and opportunity in general is moving to specific cities: mainly on the coast but a Denver here or there.

To my representatives, please invest in your district and just don't throw in the towel. Build out that airport, build some high speed rail as a condition to get Amazon. But just don't offer tax breaks, because we can't compete. Why not try something new: build out the infrastructure?

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Build out that airport, build

Build out that airport, build some high speed rail ...

I'm fine with the airport not dumping any more jet fuel exhaust over our beautiful countryside .. but, how about at least public transportation to the airport? I'd settle for a shuttle bus to/from downtown ...

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8 cities fit for Amazon's second headquarters

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money for nothing?

How the world's richest companies get local governments to hand over millions of dollars in exchange for crappy jobs and empty promises.

article on the VW Chattanooga $877 million 'deal'

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