Nov 16 2020
02:34 pm
By: BoB W.

Knox News reports that evidence points to planned Amazon distribution centers in Knoxville & Alcoa.

Alcoa site alone could mean 750 new jobs.


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And how many jobs will be

And how many jobs will be lost by local retailers put out of business by Amazon?

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Fewer that they're running off now with their mask policies. I just got run off from the shoe store where I've been doing business for twenty years. I did the best I could, but ended up huddled in a back corner having to dodge unmasked patrons that were being drug over by the clerk to look at shoes, despite my obvious actions. Until this town gets together on what is and isn't acceptable covid policy, the businesses allowing unmasked patrons should be put out of business by Amazon.

Covid, and it's prudent changes in lifestyle, has been hard on all of us. If local merchants don't recognize their role as social institutions allowing for safe access to getting out, they should be bankrupted. Someone will step up to take their place in the market, if its Amazon, so be it.

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I'm not all that excited

I'm not all that excited about a huge warehouse coming to this location.

First, there is no road infrastructure to support all these cars and trucks. Can't imagine Singleton Station Road or Alcoa Highway handling more traffic.

Then there are all the residential properties near that location.

This growth is dependent on a new 4 lane 5 mile bypass being built in Alcoa taking hundreds of acres that could be used in a much better way.

The City of Alcoa is spending a lot of money on growth that they can't manage.

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growth is dependent on a new

growth is dependent on a new 4 lane 5 mile bypass

That's the I-840 story near Murfreesboro: taxpayer 'incentive' for Amazon through provision of infrastructure.

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First of all, I should say that my name is BoB & I'm an addict. Hardly a day goes by that I am not looking or buying at Amazon. For me, it's one way to keep abreast of new electronic devices, which is (as bizgrrl is keenly aware of) what I do. In fact, my behavior in this matter may border on being over the top. I'm actually contemplating therapy.

As far as vehicular traffic generated by the Amazon facilities, that would be hard to measure. You may possibly compare the impact of traffic brought about by Clayton Homes' location in Alcoa at the end of Pellissippi Parkway to Amazon's. Clayton employs about 2,000 people there & admittedly, some work from home.


I frequently pass their entrance & have noticed a very modest increase in traffic since they opened their doors. Even at rush hour, there is only a very small amount of congestion.

Bottom line - I'm hoping the City of Alcoa can improve the infrastructure soon. At the same time, it may be best that the idea of one day delivery is nixed for the sake of my wallet!

BTW: Just for fun - what would you propose doing with the "hundreds of acres that could be used in a much better way"?

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The idea that all ""currently vacant" land has to be "used"

represents a lot of what is wrong with our system. Constant growth and development is what fuels the destruction of our planet.

And Amazon jobs are poorly paid, dangerous, and disruptive of the lives of the people who work there, who do so with no union protection or useful occupational health and safety provisions.

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Hear! Hear!

Hear! Hear!

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