Amazon has announced that their HQ2 will be split between NYC and Arlington Virginia.

BUT, Nashville gets a nice consolation prize: A new $230 million operations center that will bring 5000 jobs.

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this giveaway has horrifying implications for NYC re: cost of living.

think massive corporate welfare juxtaposed with crumbling public infrastructure

overhead, bezos is preparing to land on his helipad

think san francisco, seattle: members of the techbro class briskly stepping over the slumped bodies of the humans they displace.

think ever-taller condo fortresses of steel and glass with built-in charter schools and security forces towering over already rapidly whitening neighborhoods in queens and brooklyn

as friends in atlanta and pittsburgh commented today: we dodged a bullet.

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Nashville needs more growth.

Nashville needs more growth. Pretty soon they're going to need a better mass transit system. They're catching up with Orlando, but still behind Atlanta and Miami.

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