From Businessweek ...

The total price tag: almost $800 million,

All the Companies Making Money From in One Chart

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Is this supposed to be a

Is this supposed to be a positive or negative post?

My medical technology that I use falls in retail price falls in price and my co-pay doubles from $1K to $2K.

This is good?

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One's deductible is as bad as

One's deductible is as bad as one's co-pay.

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WBIR reported this morning

WBIR reported this morning that haslam will propose expanding Medicaid this fall. Maybe the SPLC's lawsuit against Tennessee has lit a fire under his ass.

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Political calculation to try

Political calculation to try to put him over as a new "compassionate" conservative for 2016.

Die-hard liberals will continue to let him screw teachers and other working Tennesseans as long as he expands Medicaid. He'll keep the country club republicans, but lose the other conservatives. But it's all for 2016, don't kid yourself.

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Dear Lawd...

Why do you frequent a "progressive citizen media" website to complain about "die-hard liberals"? Can't you hang out with Hornback or something?

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It's looking like the Halbig

It's looking like the Halbig v Burwell lawsuit is the right wing's best chance of killing Obamacare. Ted Cruz will keep trying to rally his troops, but he's a showboat & an idiot.

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If the Supremes rule in favor

If the Supremes rule in favor of Halbig then people in the 36 states using would lose their subsidies, making healthcare unaffordable in those 36 states. Could be the end of Obamacare. Hopefully the Supreme Court won't hear the case.

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Single payer is great until

Single payer is great until the realization strikes it may not cover what you need, when you need it.

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An old saw will still

An old saw will still cut.

Not unsubstantiated and closer to home.


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Like what?

(Hint) Universal single payer are the key words here.

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Liberals are in as starry

Liberals are in as starry eyed, worshipful admiration of the two terms "single payer" or "universal coverage" as many conservatives are with "pro-life."

When you get in the realities of it though, you may have a much different feeling than what you expected. Nothing could be "universal."

It is almost a sham.

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Medicare seems to be working

Medicare seems to be working out pretty great for the highest cost pool.

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Deep thoughts from Keeping CrZy KC

"When you get in the realities of it though, you may have a much different feeling than what you expected. Nothing could be 'universal.'"

Damn that's some deep shit right thar'! Sounds like KC is a cross between Stephen Hawking and Jase Robertson, sorta black duck dynasty hole. I mean wow... We're stunned, shocked and most importantly convinced that yes!, although we are the last advanced economy with universal for-profit health care, we need more of it, because KrayCee posted some shit about red insulin herring pumps in Canada! Awesome, we look forward to reading your embedded journalist deep thoughts from Marklevineabad, Glenbeckistan where the bitches stay in the kitchen, the gays are taught better, and the poors get the shaft for their own good.

Because when we get to the realities of it though, we may have a much different feeling about a lot because KrayCee brings it, like Wendell Potter...

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What you said.

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Your silly, personal attack

Your silly, personal attack just proves I touched a nerve.

I didn't say repeal Obamacare. Nor did I say it all won't work.

Your inability to defend even some parts of it though shows what is often wrong with both the right...and the left. And that's the failure to see reality without it being blocked by your subservience to ideology.

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The pro-life crowd doesn't

The pro-life crowd doesn't give a damn what happens to a newborn baby once it leaves the mother's womb.

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Life begins

Life begins at conception and ends at birth

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You got that right!

You got that right!

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