Jul 2 2012
07:32 am

AT&T teamed up with ALEC to pass a law in South Carolina making it virtually impossible for local governments to provide broadband internet service. Read about it here, and be sure to see the featured comment at the end.

AT&T successfully lobbied for statewide cable franchises in Tennessee, cutting out local government middlemen and their contracts and franchise fees, along with their control of service quality, build-out requirements and right of way. How's that working out for you? I still have exactly one cable provider option, which is also my only broadband internet option. AT&T is nowhere to be seen, not even DSL, even though they were invited to compete locally.

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Me too

I think they divvy up the area so that if you only have one service provider, they think that's enough. Where's the competition!? Although the City of Knoxville didn't fare very well trying to provide broadband with Knology. It'll never get to South Knoxville.

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ALEC faces new challenge to

ALEC faces new challenge to tax-exempt status

A prominent tax attorney has accused an organization of state lawmakers and corporations officials with improperly claiming nonprofit status, alleging the group’s role is to benefit businesses, the Republican Party, and legislators and not the public.

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