In a letter to the TN legislature:

“The business community, by and large, has consistently communicated to lawmakers at every level that such laws are bad for our employees and bad for business. This is not a direction in which states move when they are seeking to provide successful, thriving hubs for business and economic development,” the letter said.

Signed by:
Steve Joyce, president and CEO, Choice Hotels International Inc.
Klaus Kleinfeld, chairman and CEO, ALCOA Inc.
Andrew N. Liveris, CEO and chairman of the board, The Dow Chemical Co.
Brian Tippens, vice president, chief diversity officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Viacom, the parent company of Country Music Television, also issued a statement on Tuesday opposing the bill and urging legislators to reject it.

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In related news... In a move

In related news...

In a move that will cost the city hundreds of jobs, PayPal on Tuesday scrapped plans for a new Charlotte operations center in the most dramatic corporate response yet to a new North Carolina law that limits legal protections for LGBT individuals.

The payment processor’s decision led to renewed calls for Gov. Pat McCrory and the legislature to overturn a measure that has drawn criticism from big companies such as Bank of America and American Airlines as well as sports organizations such as the NBA.

Read more here: (link...)

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And I hope...

...the legislature chokes on it.

Where is the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce in all this?

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Knoxville-based Scripps

Knoxville-based Scripps Networks has added its voice to those opposing the legislation.

Discrimination against anyone on the basis of their gender, race or sexuality runs entirely contrary to the core values on which this company was founded. Scripps Networks Interactive relies on a pool of talent with diverse perspectives, broad experiences and varied backgrounds in order to create the world class lifestyle content which we are known for. Laws such as those being considered in Tennessee right now could significantly affect the perception of Tennessee as a place to live and work, and undermine our ability to attract the right people to our headquarters in Knoxville.

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Add Cigna, Hilton, T-Mobile, and Lyft:


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Watch the parody ad in the

Watch the parody ad in the link below.


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Good job!

Good job!

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Video is excellent

This video is excellent. And I'm glad businesses are speaking out. This kind of bigotry definitely hurts recruiting and retention of the best employees.

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This apartheid must end.

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Train wreck

This is another part of the current implosion of the Republican Party. For years, they've been owned by the ultra-rich, while selling themselves as the party of business, and using social red-meat issues to bring along enough average voters to keep them going. Then after election day, they do comparatively little on those social issues and string the voters along keeping them jacked up with FoxNews and talk radio, while they use government to transfer wealth from the lower and middle-class to the now infamous 2%.

But now they've gone and overdone it. With too many safe districts electing wingnuts who actually believe the shyte spewed out on Fox and talk, the red-meat diversions actually start getting passed through legislatures. This, of course, is bad for business. Suddenly all these reliable red states are enacting nonsense that will drive all the money to the blue states.

Hopefully they won't take the rest of us down with them, because this trainwreck is going to be fun to watch.

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