Jan 25 2018
06:33 am

The Republican-led Alabama House of Representatives has passed a bill to end special elections for the U.S. Senate, just more than a month after such a vote resulted in the state electing its first Democratic senator in a quarter-century.

House Bill 17 would require the governor to appoint someone to fill a vacancy for a U.S. Senate seat until the next general election. It passed easily in Alabama's House on a mostly party-line vote and headed to the state's Republican-controlled Senate.

Wow, they are on top of things. You don't like voter results, change the way things work. Yeehaw!

yellowdog's picture

Democracy is the enemy of plutocracy

Everyone who cares about any of this should read Nancy MacLean's Democracy in Chains, which details the history of the ideology pushed by the Kochs and most Republicans. They know that if people were really in charge, they wouldn't be.

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Democracy is ok, unless they

Democracy is ok, unless they don't get what they want.

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Those damn voters just won't

Those damn voters just won't behave.

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