Jul 21 2011
11:05 am

Due to complaints from travelers, the airport body scanners will no longer show naked images. The software upgrade will enable the use of a generic body outline then highlight body areas "where any anomaly is detected, eliminating the actual image of the passenger."

What a concept.

R. Neal's picture

What a concept, indeed. Why

What a concept, indeed. Why didn't someone think of that sooner? Seems like a pretty obvious solution, at least in hindsight.

Andy Axel's picture

Still awaiting medical

Still awaiting medical certification of these devices.

Andy Axel's picture

They're just trying to dull

They're just trying to dull one of the more effective talking points of the opponents of this TSA nonsense, which is that the TSA has no business producing, reproducing, viewing, saving, or otherwise in the business of taking nude photos anyone, but certainly of children.

Even if they take that off the table, full body imaging still requires full body irradiation. I have a hard time believing that there's been requisite safety study on these. And certainly no TSA twerp I've ever encountered is licensed to practice radiological medicine.

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