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About advertising on KnoxViews:

Your ads are displayed on all content pages, and reach an engaged audience of active readers seeking news, views, and informed discussion of current events affecting the community and beyond.

Ad formats and specifications:

• Top banner, 728 x 90 pixels, top of every page, high visibility, top performer, four spots, 25% of impressions per spot

• Side rectangle, 336 x 280 pixels, top right column of every page above the fold, more screen real estate, four spots, 25% of impressions per spot

All ads are graphic image format. Text must be incorporated into the ad graphic. Graphic images must be in a standard JPG, GIF, or PNG format and use sRGB color space. If you need assistance creating the graphic, please provide your existing logo/graphic and ad copy.

NOTE: All political advertising must include a "paid for by" notice.


Ads are priced weekly or monthly.

• Top banner, 728 x 90 pixels $25 per week, $90 per month per spot

• Side rectangle, 336 x 280 pixels: $20 per week, $75 per month per spot


• Each position (top banner, side rectangle) has four spots that rotate evenly among all running ads (25% of impressions/pageviews per spot).

• Spots may be reserved up to one month in advance. Payment is due at the time of reservation. No refunds.

• There is a limit of two active, concurrently running ad spots per position (top, side) per advertiser/campaign, subject to availability.

NOTE: Advertisers may run multiple versions of ad graphics concurrently within one spot and they will be evenly distributed among that spot's allocated impressions.

To order:

Send the following information to

• Requested ad spots and positions, e.g. 1 spot, top banner, etc.

• Ad graphic that conforms to above specifications (or graphic/logo image and ad copy if you require assistance creating an ad)

• Target website link URL (where to send visitors who click on your ad)

• Start date and duration of ad

• Billing contact info (name, address, email)

Note: Incomplete orders cannot be accepted.

Billing will be via invoice, payment by check, PayPal, or credit card (via PayPal, no account required).

All payments are due upon ad placement or at the time of space reservation, no refunds for any reason.

Orders are subject to space availability and ad content review.

For more information on placement, creative development, etc. please contact

Policies, Terms, and Conditions:

• Ads must conform to specifications.

• Ads must be in good taste and subject to review according to our editorial policy. No profanity. No "adult" advertising will be accepted.

• Advertisers are solely responsible for the content of their ads., R. Neal, and RViews Media are not responsible for the content of any advertising on this site, and advertising on this site does not constitute an endorsement or advocacy of any product, company, candidate, issue, or idea by, R. Neal, or RViews Media.

• Advertisers indemnify and shall hold harmless, R. Neal, and RViews Media from and against any claim relating to content of advertising.

• Advertisers warrant that advertiser is the copyright owner or authorized licensee of all ad content and/or images submitted and that all appropriate royalties and/or licenses have been paid for stock photos, graphic images, and the like., R. Neal, or RViews Media shall not be held responsible for copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property infringement by advertisers, who are solely responsible for their ad content. Ads brought to our attention that violate this policy will be removed immediately and no refunds or credits will be given.

•, R. Neal, and RViews Media must approve all advertising, and reserve the right to reject any advertising for any reason and is under no obligation to explain why. All decisions are final.

•, R. Neal, and RViews Media are not responsible for technical malfunctions of the internet or our web hosting service provider beyond our control that temporarily prevent display or management of your ads. In general, our web hosting service is very reliable and provides 99%+ uptime.

• Rates and terms subject to change without notice, except rates and terms in effect at the time of placement order will be honored.

• Placing an ad with constitutes your agreement to comply with these policies, and your acknowledgment that these policies constitute the entire agreement between advertisers and, R. Neal, and RViews Media unless otherwise provided and agreed to in writing by both parties, and are governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee. If any policy is deemed unenforceable it shall not invalidate any other policy. The parties agree that any disputes arising hereto shall be resolved by mediation, or failing that, by binding arbitration, and that all parties will be responsible for their own legal fees and expenses.

Effective date: 4/1/2015


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