Dec 1 2017
08:44 am

In case you missed it, the company that administers ACT tests sent the "wrong" test to Bearden High School and then refused to score the tests for more than 400 students. Some of the students needed the scores to apply for scholarships in a timely manner.

ACT offered free vouchers for students to retake the test. They denied an appeal from the Tennessee Dept. of Education to have the tests scored.

Mayor Burchett got involved and demanded action from ACT and state officials. He set up a hotline for affected students to get help. Parents threatened legal action.

UT said they would accept the scores if ACT will release them.

It appears ACT is refusing to budge. They sent a letter to Lt. Gov. Randy McNally stating that ACT " deeply regrets the inconvenience and confusion" but they will not release "scores we cannot validate." It also appears they are blaming school officials for the "mismanagement."

Students and parents are understandably upset. I would be too if I had studied and prepared for what turned out to be a waste of time only to have to do it all over again.

The situation is causing the state to consider dropping ACT and switching to the SAT test exclusively.



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