Feb 28 2020
07:32 am

From WBIR,
Governor Bill Lee announced an administration bill Thursday that would all law-abiding citizens in Tennessee to carry a handgun without a permit if they're over 21 years old.


Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville) released a statement after the announcement.
"Governor Lee’s call today for permitless carry is a reckless idea for all Tennesseans. Regardless of where you live in Tennessee, this legislation will not make your family safer. Tennesseans, while supporting the 2nd Amendment, also believe in common sense policies like universal background checks on gun purchases. Our current permitting system has served Tennesseans for years and there is no reason to make these changes now, especially as we have the data to show that states who have enacted permitless carry have seen drastic increases in assaults committed with firearms."

What is wrong with him and those who support these kinds of efforts? This is not the wild west. Why must we regress 100+ years?

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