Jan 2 2018
08:34 am

Dangerously cold air will be in place across the entire area. The combination of cold air and winds will result in dangerously cold wind chills across the higher elevations. Therefore, a Wind Chill Advisory has been issued for the higher elevations of the East Tennessee mountains, the Cumberland Plateau, southwest Virginia, and southwest North Carolina for this morning. Remember to dress warmly in layers, provide shelter for pets and animals, and take
precautions around your home or business to avoid frozen pipes.

Man, I do not like cold weather. The high this week should be 35. It's colder here than in Missoula, MT. But, it is -10 in Minneapolis, MN, with a wind chill of -27.

Metulj From the Lurkzone's picture

You know it is unusual when

You know it is unusual when the New Englanders are complaining. The news doesn't normally blink at 15F for temp but when that is the high for an entire week, they start sounding the alarms. My son had a hockey game this weekend and it was a relief to go into the rink where one normally complains that it is cold. It was -11 when I got up to let the dog out this morning at 5. He's a hardy beast, but did his business and trotted back to the door most quick.

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