Jan 17 2013
03:04 pm
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

Roberta Rust, guest pianist, is performing tonight at UT Cox Auditorium, 8:00 pm - if it's not canceled because of the snow. Included in the program is John Cage's infamous, silent 4' 33"

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It's not really

It's not really silent—environmental and ambient sounds are considered to be part of the performance.

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Ha! There's nothing silent

Ha! There's nothing silent about 4'33" :-)

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as of this moment, the

as of this moment, the recital is not canceled.

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it was canceled

so it was silent after all. may be rescheduled, however.

AC's picture was the ultimate was the ultimate tribute to Cage. Uncertainty allows real life to become the performance.

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So if a performance not

So if a performance not involving performers is not performed, it was actually performed?

Is there a score? Is there a conductor? How does he/she set the tempo so that it comes out to exactly 4:33? If it doesn't does it count as a performance?

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The real genius in how Cage

The real genius in how Cage makes four minutes, thirty-three seconds seem like four hours, thirty-three minutes.

Hey, it's an old joke.

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This is a good story about

This is a good story about the piece.


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There is a score. and it is

There is a score. and it is precise. But it is also intended to point to something greater.

One of the best books I read last year was: "Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists" by Kay Larsen.

It's a beautiful, powerful, and enlightening a work of history, as an insight into the act of creation, and into the art of living. Highly recommended.

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