Kristina Shands with the Tennessee Clean Water Network says there are 14 destructive water bills in both the Sentate and House that threaten the quality of our state's waters. TCWN needs everyone to call their elected officials and tell them TO PROTECT TENNESSEE'S WATER.

We especially need folks in McCord, Sutherland, Woodson, Yagar and Nicely’s districts.

We are hoping to defeat most of these bills in committee. They are bad. One of them is the return of the Limited Resources Waters bill, which removes protection from more than 30,000 miles of streams. Another one states that TDEC cannot act on anonymous tips (they received 431 anonymous calls last year). They all have one thing in common - if it’s already polluted, then we should keep on polluting instead of cleaning it. I have a list of the bills on our website with a summary and talking points.

I’d like to encourage everyone to call their state Senators and Representatives and demand they protect our water.

Contact info follows...


House Conservation and Environment Committee

Joe McCord, Chair
John Tidwell, Vice-Chair
Richard Floyd, Secretary

Willie Butch Borchert
George Fraley
Brenda Gilmore
David Hawk
Mike Kernell
Ron Lollar
Michael McDonald
Frank Niceley
Donna Rowland

Senate Environment, Conservation, and Tourism Committee

Steve Southerland, Chair
Ken Yager, Vice-Chair
Eric Stewart, Secretary

Tim Barnes
Charlotte Burks
Mike Faulk
Doug Jackson
Jack Johnson
Jamie Woodson

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developers man

McCord has a terrible record on water quality control.

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Have committee assignments

Have committee assignments ever been retracted based on public pressure?

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