Feb 9 2013
12:55 pm

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There's a "2nd Amendment Rally" underway at the Blount Co. courthouse in downtown Maryville this afternoon. The Mrs. snapped a couple of photos from a safe distance on her way back from taking pupster for a walk in the park. (I told her to stay away from there but she rarely listens to me.) Looks like they had a pretty good turnout.

According to this Maryville Daily Times report, the event was organized by a local gun shop owner and a Blount Co. Sheriff's lieutenant. It also had the support of the Blount Co. Sheriff and the county mayor, who planned to speak at the rally.

Here are the Facebook pages for the rally and the gun shop.

bizgrrl's picture

I like how the sign for

I like how the sign for Blount Historic Tour is at the rally site. These are people who definitely live in the past.

Also, I wish that the Blount County Mayor and Sheriff had kept out of this issue. The are elected to represent and protect all of the people of Blount County, not just these yahoos.

jcc's picture

Just the General smugness

I think that is what keeps bringing me back to this place time and time again.

'These are people who definitely live in the past.'
'from a safe distance'

R. Neal's picture

that is what keeps bringing

that is what keeps bringing me back to this place time and time again.

Another satisfied customer! Happy to oblige.

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I see one of my neighbors in

I see one of my neighbors in that crowd - about a dozen times over. At least while he's there he's not sending all those big red and blue font forwards to my junk bin.

I helped him with a little project in his back yard during the '08 election and he did Mr. Obama a small favor. He bashed me with Limbaugh on his radio all morning and I came straight home to make my first ever campaign donation. I let him know about it too.

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I just want to know...

...when we're going to have a rally for the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

AnonymousOne's picture

Shades of the Tea Party.

Shades of the Tea Party. This too shall pass.

mrvlknxor's picture

Do you and the Mrs. give off

Do you and the Mrs. give off some kind of progressive vibe or something? Why then would you suggest she stay away? Folks have the right to rally for their cause in a peaceful manner. No harm in walking past them while exercising pupster.

I imagine a number of progressives believe in the personal right to gun ownership. They should participate in a sane discussion of this issue including background checks and waiting periods for gun purchases as well as treatment of the mentally ill. When the Rev. Jackson suggests that someone can shoot down an airliner with a semi-automatic weapon, sane discussion with progressives like him is not possible.

Stan G's picture

Certainly doesn't appear to

Certainly doesn't appear to be a "well regulated militia."

Better this week than next when over 300 contra dancers from all parts of the country will spend the weekend in Maryville. A reminder that traditionally folks spent their Saturdays thinking about fiddles, banjos, and a community dances.

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