The Knox Co. Election Commission has released final unofficial election results after counting provisional ballots. Based on a comparison of previous results reported to the TN Sec. of State, it appears Romney picked up 113 votes (.103%) and Obama picked up 78 (.131%).

If my math and assumptions are correct, that means provisional ballots for Obama were cast at a 27% higher rate than provisional ballots for Romney. Make of that what you will.

The total number of provisional ballots would be 191 (.11%), which seems pretty good. Except, we don't know how many of those are because of photo ID v. other reasons, how many people without photo ID didn't or couldn't show up within two days to verify their provisional ballots, or how many people didn't have or gave up trying to get photo ID and just stayed home.

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End results of provisional ballots cast and NOT reported

I served as a Poll Watcher...for Early voting at 5 different locations and on Election Day at my own precinct. I did witness one person during Early Voting who had moved from another county and was told the quickest solution for him was to go back to that county to vote which he accepted as the best solution for him.

One of our Dems who worked in our Headquarters witnessed complaints called in to the office that should have been forwarded to a legal Team that was to investigate them. And as far as I know, that report did not reach the TN Citizens Action group in Nashville. Also, one of our East Knox precincts had about 20 voters report to vote but even tho' they voted in 2008 their names WERE NOT on the rolls at the KCEC. They were all provided Provisional Ballots but apparently no one checked later to see if all those votes were counted. So, removing one's name from the "book" and also some who moved prior to Nov 6 had difficulty...and the other complaints were All called in to Cliff Rogers but nothing was done.

This is why we must continue fighting the TN Voter/Photo ID law because many were denied their right to vote, were discouraged in trying to vote. There have been local stories in the local news, like the gentleman who tried to vote in Halls but did not have a photo ID...or the young lady with disabilities who was refused her right to vote.

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