Dec 20 2017
07:52 am

Donald Trump. Bitcoin. VR goggles. Hallmark Christmas movies. Surely these are the end times.

Marsha Blackburn running for Senate. Diane Black running for governor. Some professional wrestler guy running for Knox Co. Mayor. Vols go 0-8 in the SEC.

Are we living in a poorly conceived, poorly written and poorly directed alternate reality disaster movie? Will zombie sharks rain down from the sky? Are we the Star Trek crewmembers in the red shirt uniforms?

The eclipse was pretty amazing, so there's that. Also the Sgt. Pepper remix. And we're finally rid of Jimmy Duncan.

RIP Gregg Allman, Tom Petty, Glen Campbell, Mary Tyler Moore, Jim Nabors, local newspapers, and too many others to list. And Dad.

Surely next year will be better. But that's what we said last year. Happy F***ing New Year!

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Up is down, down is up. Glenn

Up is down, down is up. Glenn Reynolds, hater of all things liberal/progressive talks about what could go wrong in 2018 and, IMHO, it would be because of the current idiots in office. Electrical breakdown. Because republicans/conservatives don't care about infrastructure? Some sort of pandemic. Republicans/conservatives don't care about healthcare? War in Korea. Trump? A singularity of stupid. What more need be said?

You can Google to find his article in USA Today.

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Also, no I do not want to

Also, no I do not want to install your stupid app to look at your stupid website. That's what web browsers are for. Just make your s**t work in chrome and we are cool.

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It's Batboy's world...

...we just live in it.

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