Yesterday I received in the mail a 2011 Priority Issues Survey from the D3C, and quite honestly I'm a bit annoyed, mostly because there isn't a way to put down what I really think.

For instance, under Part 1, I would really like to say that we should be Creating Jobs while Raising wages and Protecting jobs for American workers; I'd like to say we should be helping families avoid foreclosure while holding Wall Street accountable. But, the way the survey is laid out, you really can't do that, unless you add "additional comments" at the end. In my mind holding Wall Street accountable is a huge problem in the foreclosure crisis, and you can't help families without holding Wall Street accountable. The same with jobs -- you aren't going to create jobs unless you protect jobs (ie get rid of NAFTA/CAFTA styled legislation), and if workers aren't making money there will not be a demand from services/products.

Too many issues listed go hand in hand with other issues, in other words.

The one thing I do, most vehemently, agree with is undoing Citizen's United decision. Professional dues are going up for many people, the extra monies will go directly to political campaigning, whether you agree with the stance or not. I'm not happy about that in the least, let me tell you!

As the questionnaire goes on, I find myself very conflicted on each of the issues, because there is no way for me to best answer the questions, mostly because I feel that Obama has been a wolf in sheep's clothing, and has done more to extend some of the most repugnant policies from the BushII era. (The caveat here is that I had it on good authority from someone I highly trusted that Obama talked the talk but did not walk the walk, and quite frankly that has been proven time and time again over the past 2 years)

At this point, if the progressive were to put forth a strong candidate to primary Obama I would support that person.


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