Jan 2 2013
02:26 pm

A couple of weeks ago I received a 1966 Kennedy half dollar in change for a purchase. This coin is not reported as a great collectors item, but it appears to definitely be worth more than 50 cents. I've seen it priced anywhere from $3 to $7 and up. The coin is made up of 40% silver.

I worked retail many years ago. I was the cash/coin counter. We frequently received valuable coins. I always thought it was due to the economy. In bad times people dig through their drawers and other hiding places for hidden money to get necessities. I'm wondering if this is why this coin turned up at a local convenience store.

Lesson learned for those needing cash and willing to spend their old coins, try to sell it somewhere. My Google searches also indicate the coin might be worth more melted down. Also, for others that might actually pay cash, check your change. You might be surprised some day.



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