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47 ejected... They're

47 ejected... They're considering banning those participating attacking Ole Miss players and coaches with flying objects from future games.

Haven’t seen/heard anyone from UT apologizing to Lane Kiffin.

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Apologizing to Lame

Actually, a UT official apologized to Kiffin and his chief of staff DURING the 20 minute delay. Not everything happens on Twitter. Added: it was this UT official who recommended that Kiffin have his players move away from the bench area, out onto the field.

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Wouldn't it be good that it

Wouldn't it be good that it is made public by UT officials with a name that they want to/have apologized to Kiffin?

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What it looks like vs what is is

Perhaps some people would see PR value in that. I’m simply telling you that a UT official, who knows Kiffin and worked with him in 2010, was on the field during the last minute of the game and sincerely apologized.

No press release required. Donde or the governor can do that. Kiffin will never know, anyway. He’s busy getting ready for his buddy Orgeron.

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One on one apologies like you

One on one apologies like you describe don't mean much in the b8g picture. I agree that Kiffin has moved past the Tennessee trash.

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One on one apologies

We will have to agree to disagree. I actually think a one-on-one apology is the only type that does have true meaning.

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That's Chancellor Plowman to you.

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Nice try

That's Chancellor Plowman to you.

Hahahaha. Actually, it's Donde.

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We will have to agree to disagree. I actually think it's disrespectful when a man doesn't refer to a woman by her proper title. I don't care how friendly you are or how much money you give. But you probably call them Glenn, Bill, and Tim too. I don't care about them.

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I came on this thread in peace to provide a little tidbit that few people knew occurred. It’s no big deal; I just thought that the UT guy who went over and spoke with Lane did a sincere and classy thing, with no desire for personal publicity.

Then I was quickly reminded how hollow thinking can become in an echo chamber.

David Moon
(please, call me David)

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