Jan 1 2020
11:44 am

18 new Tennessee laws take effect starting Jan. 1

Interesting ...

Rep. Andy Holt, who sponsored the bill, says it allows people who didn’t have time for that 8 hour class, to legally carry a handgun.

“It’s a way to lower the barriers for individuals to, I think go ahead and be able to ascertain one of their constitutional rights, and that is the right to self protection,” said State Representative Andy Holt, (R) Tennessee, from District 76.

New Law Allows Gun Carry Permits without Hands-on Training

R. Neal's picture

LOL. Our state legislators

LOL. Our state legislators were busy (not) last year. No Medicaid expansion. Instead, more guns in more idiot hands, which increases the burden on stressed ERs and rural hospitals that are becoming extinct. TNGOP logic at its finest.

And let's not forget school vouchers. And hiring an out of state consultant to advise on implementation, that said consultation will cost a big chunk of the voucher money. And proposing a voluntary charity program to shore up public education, because they took money away from public education for vouchers.

We're living under one of the dumbest, most ****ed up state governments in the nation.

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